Bay Area Rat Proofing Company Tips for Catching a Rodent Infestation Early


The only thing worse than finding rats in your Bay Area attic is an undiscovered infestation. Once found, you will want them removed immediately and you’ll want to invest in rat clean up services to remove contaminated insulation, fecal matter, and other contaminated materials. The first step is learning if you have unwanted visitors.

Similar to stop, drop and roll if you are on fire, with rats you want to:

  • Listen for sounds of infestation. These furry creatures are small but noisy. If you hear skittering, clunking or squeaking in the attic, contact a Bay Area rat proofing professional.
  • Examine your attic for droppings. This is especially important if you have thick insulation that blocks rat noises from reaching the lower floors.
  • Look for signs of destruction, including chewed papers and cardboard boxes. Examine, but do not touch, exposed wires for evidence of gnawing.
  • Notice power dips that may indicate chewed wires in your attic.
  • Look for signs of other animals, especially raccoons. They love to eat rats, and if you have an attic-full, they consider it a smorgasbord.

Attic rats are destructive, prolific breeders that forage for food outside, and often the only notice you have of an infestation are these warning signs. In addition to carrying diseases, rat-chewed wires can cause house fires, so you must address the problem immediately.

Rat Clean Up Services in the Bay Area Clean Up and Improve Home Efficiency

Best Attic Cleaning will rat-proof your home and clean or replace all contaminated features. We are also an attic insulation installation company and we provide HVAC services including duct cleaning. Our trained technicians will remove the dirty insulation and replace it with the best type for your home. If you’re cleaning up after an attic infestation it’s always a good idea to replace with high-efficiency insulation and get more for the money you spend by setting yourself up to save on energy at the same time. Call us today at (510) 214-5467 or visit our website to obtain a free estimate for any of the services we provide.