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You’ve Discovered a Rodent Nest. What Do You Do About It?

Rodent-droppings-bay-areaRats, mice, and squirrels are perfectly adapted to invade just about any household space you don’t want them in, and the crawl spaces and attics of the Bay Area provide perfect, secluded, warm places for them to build nests and breed. Once rodents get in they don’t just go away and can quickly spread destruction and contamination around your home.

If you’ve discovered trails of rodent feces and other proof mice, rats, or other creatures have torn up your attic or crawl space, you need professional help to properly strip down, clean, and sanitize the area in a professional manner. You need the rodent proofing and cleanup specialists at Best Attic Cleaning.

Rodent infestation is dangerous to you and your property for a few reasons:

  • Rodents frequently gnaw on electrical wires to control the length of their teeth, which (unlike other animals) never stop growing and need to be constantly used to control their length. Unfortunately, when rats and mice use your wiring to chew on they can cause electrical fires and ruin hard-to-reach electrical systems around the home.
  • Other common targets for gnawing include wooden framework, sheetrock, and even plumbing—all important to the structure and function of your home.
  • Rodents love insulation as it provides a warm, secluded, cushioned material to sleep and breed in. Unfortunately, rodent nesting destroys insulation materials and your home’s ability to retain heat properly.
  • Nesting also means rodent droppings are going to build up, along with other bio-hazardous materials including rodent urine (which has a strong odor and stains), flees, ticks, bacteria, and mold.

If you’re facing an infestation with all the damage and rodent waste that comes with it you can’t just put down a few mousetraps and move on. You need professional help to clean up the waste left behind, repair the damage to your home’s structure and insulation, and seal up other entrances, hidden holes, and gaps in your home to prevent future infestation and restore your home’s energy efficiency.

You need the professional service available at Best Attic Cleaning, the rodent cleanup specialists. Give us a call at (510) 214-5467 or email info@bestatticcleaning.com today to discuss your situation and arrange for fast, efficient cleanup before any more damage is done.