Bay Area Rodent Proofing Company Discusses Dangers of Rats in the Attic


The idea of having stray rodents in your backyard (or worse–inside your home) can be rather disturbing. Not many people can stand an environment where mice or rats are running wild in search for food or a hideout. However, as much as we despise these small creatures, avoiding them can be quite difficult. Once they take residence, a professional attic cleaning company can solve this dangerous situation.

Dangers Associated with Rodents

There is nothing good about having mice and rats in the attic. Their presence is a nuisance for both immediate residents and property as well. These rodents carry with them parasites like fleas, which are known to be carriers of deadly human diseases. Other diseases caused by rodents include Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Listeria, and Rat-bite Fever.

Besides diseases, rodents can cause massive physical damage in your attic within a very short time. They feed on everything they come across, including books, clothes, certificates, and even plastic. Rats are also fond of gnawing through electrical wires, which poses great danger (and costly repairs). They’ll eat their way out of wood, drywall and even ceilings, and before you know it, your house requires an extreme, and costly, makeover.

How You can Detect Rodents in Your Attic

Rats and mice can be very mischievous, but it won’t be long before you notice their presence. They make noise with their nails and teeth when scratching surfaces and gnawing, which mostly happens during the evening. Once in awhile you’ll come across droppings in a corner or beneath furniture, chewed up items like papers and cables on the floor, or holes on boards. That should be enough evidence you have unwanted company. Once you notice these things you need to take action swiftly by calling a rodent proofing company to assess the situation.

The Importance of Seeking Professional Help

Rodent control can be a difficult task for home owners. They are small swift creatures that can hide in many places and cause unseen damage. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to consult with professionals for the best rodent proofing and cleanup experience. Hiring a professional is advantageous in so many ways because they understand these rodents’ habits and can employ counter-effective measures to curb rodent manifestation once and for all, especially if the attic insulation has been damaged and contaminated.

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