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What Does Rodent Damage Look Like?

Rodent-damage-bay-areaThere are plenty of creatures that can invade your home, causing big problems if the infestation isn’t noticed and dealt with quickly. But, among all the termites, moths, ants, woodworms, and beetles, it’s actually larger rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels that can do some of the most severe damage in the shortest amount of time.

  • Rodents target electrical cords and wires. There are a few theories why (they may like the electrical hum or the texture of the plastic insulation around the wire), but the main reason is that rodents have teeth that never stop growing. If they don’t constantly gnaw to wear down their teeth down, they could actually die. This means major damage for your electrical systems, with an unfortunate chance of a fire or other disaster as a result.
  • They chew everything else, including wood, pipes, and even brickwork. Besides the simple damage they cause, these tunnels may open up secondary entrances so that rodents keep on getting in even when you deal with your first infestation completely.
  • When it gets cold rodents seek out warm shelters in which to nest, tearing up insulation, cardboard, and fabrics to create warm burrows where they breed. This process can quickly ruin a secluded crawl space and destroy the entire insulation potential of an attic. Expect large amounts of rodent droppings in the area.
  • Rodent damage is smelly, dangerous, and leaves a mark. Their feces and urine can stain and will actually mix with dust particles in your ventilation system, spreading bacteria throughout your home and aggravating your lungs even as the stench begins to grow.

Fortunately, rodent damage repair can be completed in a way that takes care of the problem, cleans your air, restores your home’s insulation potential and energy efficiency, and closes up all entrances to keep rodents out in the future. For all your rodent cleanup and damage repair, call the experts at Best Attic Cleaning and know that your project is in good hands.