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Why Choose a Professional Service for Rodent Cleanup?

Rodent-cleanup-bay-areaRats, mice, squirrels, possums, and raccoons are surprisingly tenacious home invaders who can sneak through surprisingly small cracks, turning the hidden areas of your home, like attics and crawl spaces, into dormitories in which to nest and breed. When you discover that you’ve been infested, taking care of the rodent cleanup yourself may not be advisable. Here’s why:

  • You need to know how bad it is. Rodents can chew through metal, glass, and even cinder-block and can cause extensive damage to your insulation and ventilation systems. Only an expert can properly evaluate the damage and its impact to your home’s safety and energy efficiency.
  • Rodents are very fond of electrical wiring, using the cables to chew on to wear down their endlessly growing teeth. If your electrical system has been compromised there may be risk of a fire or electrocution during the cleanup.
  • If they got in once they can get in again, and you will need an expert team to rodent proof against future infestation. Even a small hole can provide an avenue for the next mouse or rat looking for a new place to call home, so let the professionals track down and seal every single entrance.
  • Rodents spread bacteria, flees, ticks, and can directly transfer serious diseases if a survivor gets in close enough to bite. This makes attic cleaning projects especially tricky and necessitates special protective equipment and procedures.
  • Rodent feces and urine are known to cause serious health concerns and can mix with dust in your home’s ventilation system to form an airborne compound. This mixture can seriously aggravate allergy symptoms and may even cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Make sure you get rid of all of it with professional rat cleanup.

The rodent proofing and rodent cleanup services provided by Best Attic Cleaning include a complete assessment of your home’s structure to determine where and how the invaders are getting in. We will carefully and completely seal off their points of entry and hygienically remove and replace damaged insulation and other materials to protect and ensure your family’s health.

Your family and your home are valuable. Protect them from the harm that a rodent infestation can inflict with Best Attic Cleaning’s years of experience rodent proofing and professionally cleaning homes all over the San Francisco Bay Area.