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Professionally cleaning and repairing an old furnace is usually enough to gain major improvement in terms of both performance and energy efficiency.

Furnace-replacement-bay-areaHowever, there are many situations in which cleaning and repair do not suffice, and a total furnace replacement is warranted.
If you think you may need to replace an inefficient, old furnace and invest in new equipment for your home, contact the experts at Best Attic Cleaning.

When should you consider replacing your furnace?

  1. Is your furnace not working, cracked, rusted, or corroded? If your furnace continues to suffer breakage due to age or condition the repair costs will continue to add up, making a new model a more affordable option and better investment.
  2. How old is your furnace? The average lifespan of an operable furnace is between 20 and 30 years, however there may be underlying issues that can justify the replacement of a furnace only 15 old or younger.
  3. Are you experiencing high energy costs? According to Energy Star, a new certified gas furnace is around 15% more efficient than conventional models while certified oil furnaces are around 4% more efficient. If your current system is hogging energy you may be able to claim significant annual savings with a new installation.
  4. Is your home is being heated unevenly? Poor heat consistency may indicate blocked vents or other wear is compromising your system, or that your heating system no longer has the power necessary to fully heat the interior of your property.

When it comes to your furnace and heating systems you don’t need to make guesses or continue to pay for repeated issues and breakdowns. Contact the experts at Best Attic Cleaning for a free in-home energy audit to help you decide whether or not you need a new replacement furnace installed. Our expert staff can help you choose the right furnace for you with fast, guaranteed installation.  You’ll stay warmer and should start saving on energy costs immediately.

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