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3 Reasons You Should Get Your HVAC Cleaned This Year

Hvac-cleanup-bay-areaHeating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems carry the warm and cool air we need to stay comfortable throughout the year and have a huge impact on the air quality of our homes and businesses. But too many individuals forget or neglect to have their HVAC systems cleaned on a regular basis. Here’s why you shouldn’t make the same mistake:

  1. You’ll receive significant energy and cost savings. When HVAC vents are used over a long period of time they begin to gather dust and can even attract infestation from rodents or insects. Even with good air filtration, your vent system will begin to fill up, forcing your AC unit and furnace to work much harder to send the same air throughout your home. A professional HVAC cleaning from Best Attic Cleaning clears this debris so that your air flows without obstruction, saving you energy costs.
  2. Your home will have healthier air. Dander, dust, and other contaminates tend to build up during normal building habitation. Unfortunately, when these particles get into your air system they stay there, re-circulating repeatedly throughout the day and clogging the air that your family breathes. If your HVAC system has also been colonized by rodents, mold, or insects you may have bacteria, toxins, and odor emitted from your HVAC system as well. This diminished indoor air quality can aggravate symptoms for allergy sufferers and creates a less healthy home environment.
  3. You’ll prolong the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner. Forcing a regular furnace or AC unit to send air through a clogged or blocked HVAC system causes it to work harder and longer for the same temperature adjustments and regulation. Clearing out blockages allows your system to function better, putting less wear on the components and extending your system’s functional lifespan.

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