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When Should You Replace, Not Repair, Air Ducts?

Air-vent-replacement-bay-areaRepairing old ducts and ventilation systems to better insulate your home can save significant energy, and therefore money, when it comes time to heat and cool your home. Best Attic Cleaning is glad to help, clearing away debris inside and insulating outside to stop up gaps and leaks so you air gets where it is supposed to go.

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which simple repairs and insulation projects are insufficient and will not yield significant benefits. If this is the case the experts at Best Attic Cleaning may recommend air duct replacement and air vent replacement to best reduce your home’s energy expenditure and increase your HVAC system’s effectiveness.

Situations in which a total replacement may be warranted include:

  • Significant damage caused by vermin and rodents, which is unfortunately common with flexible ductwork.
  • Major rust and corrosion on metal ductwork and interior lining material which may involve condensation problems
  • Mold growth on flexible ductwork that can present health concerns
  • Poor installation and system design resulting in inefficiency and waste
  • Major structural damage following a disaster such as a fire or flood.

In most cases, old air vents and ductwork can be salvaged and improved without the need to replace the system as a whole. The specialists at Best Attic Cleaning should be able to quickly identify leaks, gaps, and other locations where air is escaping your system, evaluate the condition and performance of your HVAC system, and come up with a plan to quickly repair and better insulate your ducts whenever possible.

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