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How To Lower Your Energy Consumption With Best Attic Cleaning

Energy-consumption-bay-areaThere are a number of great strategies, techniques, and modern technological advancements to help you reduce your energy consumption, from simply cutting back on your hot water use to installing appliance energy monitors. You’ll help the environment, minimize your own bills, and you may even improve home values as well.

Below is a list of a few ways that Best Attic Cleaning can save you money with simple home improvements.

Laying Insulation in Your Attic

  • If your attic is not properly insulated you are likely paying far more on your energy bills than necessary. All hot air eventually rises via convection and if your home’s heating is not protected by an upper level of insulation (without gaps and at the correct depth) then that heat will be allowed to escape. Attic insulation is the most important form of household insulation and dramatically lowers your home energy consumption.

Additional Insulation

  • Your home’s current insulation (attic, walls, ventilation system, crawl space, etc…) may not be adequate for its size and overall content. Over the years, household insulation code has gotten significantly stricter. As a result, modern homes are more efficient at controlling electricity consumption. Contact Best Attic Cleaning to check and make sure that your home has the correct insulation in its attic, ventilation system, and other points where energy may be lost.

Cleaning and Improving Old Furnace Systems

  • Uneven heating or cooling forces your furnace and AC unit to work overtime managing the temperature in your home. Cleaning blockages and debris and repairing small faults to ensure your furnace is in the best working order can mean major improvements in energy efficiency and will drive down your total consumption, even if you may need to invest in repair costs up front.

When energy saving strategies are done right you may be able to claim savings of as much as 25% off of your energy bill. Take advantage of these simple improvements and the wealth of experience available to Best Attic Cleaning technicians to limit your property’s energy consumption and reap the rewards for years to come. Just call (510) 214-5467 or email info@bestatticcleaning.com for your comprehensive energy savings plan.