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Start Saving On Energy Costs With Best Attic Cleaning’s Help

Energy-savings-bay-areaInsufficient or damaged insulation, dusty furnaces, and blocked air ducts will all contribute to higher energy costs for the average homeowner, decreasing your home’s energy efficiency and drastically increasing your heating and cooling costs. Don’t throw your money away and neglect these simple home improvements that can save you money with Best Attic Cleaning.


  • In the summer and winter months, insufficient or ineffective home insulation allows heat energy to escape, forcing your furnace or AC unit to work harder and use more energy when maintaining your home’s temperature. Just checking on the insulation depth in certain areas like your attic, crawl space, and duct system and making sure your insulation is in proper condition can lead to huge energy savings. Our team can also seal cracks around windows, doors and pipes, leaving you with a greater home energy savings and a more comfortable home to live in.

Furnace Inspection and Cleaning:

  • A simple inspection and cleaning from the Best Attic Cleaning experts can often be enough to get your heating system working like normal again, and if your furnace has stopped working entirely or suffered a decline in performance our team can diagnose and repair many minor issues, restoring your system to optimal function and energy efficiency.

Ventilation Cleaning and Inspection:

  • A leaky or clogged ventilation system will dramatically increase your home’s energy consumption. If hot or cold air is blocked off or escaping from the vents before it ever reaches your rooms your AC unit and furnace will never be able to properly heat and cool your home. Sealing these leaks and insulating the system will dramatically cut your home’s energy consumption, as will scheduling a yearly ventilation cleaning. Your home will also be much more comfortable to live in.

Are you energy bills too high? Let Best Attic Cleaning find you ways to save. Our professional Best Attic Cleaning technicians will come up with a personalized plan for your home and have immediate service available. When we’ve finished properly insulating and optimizing a home it’s common for our customers to report savings of up to 25% or more on their energy bills!

Call us today at (510) 214-5467 or send us an email at info@bestatticcleaning.com to schedule a free consultation and energy savings audit for your home or other property.