4 Reasons to NOT Skip Attic Cleaning or Insulation To-Do Tasks


Realistically, cleaning and insulating the attic is hardly on top of any homeowner’s to-do list. This is because most people don’t realize the serious side effects that can result from poor attic insulation and cleaning. Poor insulation can lead to cracks and holes in corners and walls which can lead to rat infestations and diseases lingering in the cracks and crevices of your attic. During the summer season, this can lead to cool air escaping from the house and lowering the efficiency of your cooling system, and increasing your electricity consumption.

Attic insulation is a very important way to reduce your energy bills and make your home “greener.” Your attic is often one of the easiest places to upgrade if you want to enhance the insulation of your home. Insulation helps prevent outside air from coming into your house and stop the inside air from escaping out of it. To protect your family and living conditions, it’s best to enlist skilled attic cleaning and insulation professionals to address these two to-do list action items.

Below are some of the issues that you are likely to discover during attic inspection, cleaning and insulation.

Holes and Cracks: General wear and wood exposure can create cracks and holes in the corners and walls of your attic over time. These cracks and holes allow air to move in and out of your house and can reduced the efficiency of your cooling system in summer, and heating system in winter. Professional attic insulation contractors will be able to evaluate the air circulation of your house and provide necessary insulation.

Rodent Infestation: It is not uncommon to find rodents or their remains in the attic at the end of winter. Rodent families may seek warmth and comfort in your attic if the cracks and holes in the walls are not attended to. During the attic cleaning process, inspectors will remove any droppings, urine traces or dead rodents from your attic that could otherwise infect your family with deadly viruses. They will also be able to perform rodent proofing measures to prevent future infestation.

Mold: The holes and cracks can also let water and moisture into your attic. If this is not addressed before the Bay Area’s winter rain, it can create good conditions for breeding of wood rot fungi and mold. A simple cleaning procedure can prevent this mold from releasing infectious spores throughout your house and causing structural weakness of your house.

Dust and Dirt: Going for too long without cleaning your attic can also lead to unhealthy accumulation of dust and dirt. A dirty attic releases dust into the air of your living space, meaning that your stored belongings will end up dusty and air quality will be affected. Thorough attic cleaning can help quickly reverse this.

Having a regular, thorough attic inspections, cleaning, and proper insulation removal or installation can help protect your attic from any future damage and pests. Professional attic insulation and restoration is necessary to seal cracks and gaps that might allow moisture, pests and heat to enter your attic. In fact, attic insulation installation can help minimize energy expenses during summer by over 25%. The most common types of attic insulation used in Bay Area include blown-in insulation (cellulose or fiberglass), batt or roll insulation (rockwool or fiberglass) and spray foam.

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