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Attic Insulation and Energy Conservation

Nothing conserves energy like attic insulation installation, especially around the attic doors. The opening through which homeowners access their attics (hatches and doors) are energy sinks. If left un-insulated, the gaps around the hatches or doorways are like leaving a window open in a room where the air-conditioner is on. It’s also a smart idea to install attic door insulation to prevent cold air from entering the home.

Wasted Energy

As experts like to point out, attic insulation helps plug the energy leak that is going on silently but steadily as your heaters and air conditioners work overtime to compensate for this loss. Having proper insulation is a must to minimize the loss of energy in the summer and winter when A/C and heating is running the most. Air sealing and insulating are two tasks that the entrance to your attic needs, and in doing so, will reduce your energy bills. Small gaps that are just one-fourth of an inch wide, are enough to leak out all the heat from the room.

Most homeowners don’t even realize how significant the energy loss (through un-insulated attics and attic doors) is to the living area of your house. Making the attic door or hatch or pull-down stairs insulated well enough to cover even the smallest of gaps is an absolute must for energy conservation.

Location Of Attic Access Points

New home construction can build their attic access away from areas where air-conditioning or heating is located. Instead, it can be placed in unconditioned parts of the house, such as the garage. In such a location it’s unnecessary to put any insulation over the door so that no energy is lost or gained.

Scuttle (Hatch) Door Insulation

A common location of scuttle doors or hatches is a ceiling hole right in the middle of a hallway. Unfortunately, although it provides easy access to pull down necessary items, it is also right in the middle of all heating and cooling ducts in a home. Usually, they are covered by a lightweight removable section of plywood, but that doorway if not properly insulated, they can leak all the energy out through your roof. Air sealers or rubber gaskets can help tightly seal the access point and prevent air leaks. A tight fitting bolt and latch system ensures you have a tightly sealed doorway.

You can use brown wool insulation in your attic to keep you warm. This is one of the most cost effective and popular attic insulation used by homeowners. It’s a great choice, as it’s also thermally efficient, noncombustible, and environmentally sustainable. It will not settle over time and will not rot or decay. Also, blown wool insulation fits well in small spaces as well as large ones to ensure that all areas are covered well.

Having a well-insulated attic keeps your heating costs (and cooling costs in the summer, as well!) low and manageable. It ensures that the warm air from your heating system stays inside your home rather than escaping through the attic, which helps your heating system work less for more benefit.

Bay Area Attic Insulation Company

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