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Why Should You Consider Professional Attic Cleanup?

Attic-cleanup-bay-areaAttics are out of sight and usually out of mind. Until disaster strikes and you face lighting, water, or smoke damage or you find that your attic is infested by rodents, insects, or other critters. If you’ve discovered that your attic has been disturbed, don’t panic. Call the experts at Best Attic Cleaning for fast, friendly attic clean-up on demand.

If your attic has been compromised, you need professional expertise to evaluate the extent of the damages to your home’s energy efficiency, primary structure and support, and ventilation. You’ll also need professionals who are able to disinfect and deal with waste, bacteria, and odor quickly and efficiently in the course of a thorough attic cleaning and restoration. You need Best Attic Cleaning.

While only one of a number of different insulation materials, each with different costs and effectiveness ratings, fiberglass insulation is by far the most common and the most worrying of modern insulation materials. The material is a natural target for rodents, who use it for nesting, and can be easily compromised by water, mold, and mildew. Fiberglass is also difficult to remove, causes skin irritation on contact, and should not be breathed in or allowed to contact your eyes. Don’t attempt to remove fiberglass insulation—contaminated or otherwise—yourself, leave it to the professionals.

Our team can carefully and hygienically remove and replace any infected insulation material while evaluating the total scope of the damage. We can fumigate and clear the area as a whole and always pay special attention to ventilation and holes around pipes or ductwork—ensuring that your family’s living space is healthy and protected. We are also available for insulation replacement and attic repair, using a variety of materials including blanket insulation, loose lay insulation, and spray foam insulation as we make sure your attic is as energy efficient and healthy as possible.

If you have an urgent need for attic cleanup don’t face the problem alone. Call the expert attic cleaning and restoration professionals at Best Attic Cleaning at (510) 214-5467 or email us at info@bestatticcleaning.com. With 20 years of experience and immediate service, our team can handle whatever damage you may have experienced.